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Current News on the Oberstockstall Visit

The visit to the archaeological site of Oberstockstall will take place on Friday, 21. 2. 2020 at Kirchberg am Wagram and Gut Oberstockstall (Familie Salomon).


We will start our bus journey from Vienna at 9:00­ and expect the trip to take until 19:00 (arrival back in Vienna).

The morning will be spent visiting the museum with a guided tour by our keynote speaker Rudolf Werner Soukup (Universität Wien, Institut für Didaktik der Chemie; Österreichische Gesellschaft für Wissen­schaftsgeschichte) who will talk about the analysis of the complex under the perspective of the history of chemistry.

We will get lunch at Gasthaus Ehn which is located at Alchemistenstraße (!) 11, in Kirchberg am Wagram. We have already asked that vegetarian options should be available.

After lunch, Sigrid von Osten (Oberstockstall) will give her talk “Die Labor-­Inventare von Oberstockstall/ Niederösterreich und Oberkapfenberg/ Steiermark” (belonging to Panel IV on “Alchemy and Laboratory”).

Afterwards, poster presenter Umberto Veronesi (UCL) will talk about “Glass and alchemy at Oberstockstall” presenting an analytical archaeological study of the laboratory equipment.

In the afternoon, we will visit Gut Oberstockstall and will receive a tour on its architectural history by Peter Aichinger­-Rosenberger (NÖ-­Gebietsbauamt Krems an der Donau).

Contribution towards expenses for non-presenters

As a contribution towards our expenses (such as renting the bus), we kindly ask 20€ our non-presenters. If you want to participate in all three days, a reduced rate of 30€ is available for all three days. Otherwise the contribution towards expenses is 10€ per day on Wednesday and Thursday and 20€ for the excursion on Friday.

If you are not presenting but are a PhD, graduate or undergraduate student, and cannot receive travel funding, please contact us for a reduced fee.


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