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Finding your way around the Vienna campus and accomodation

Aula am Campus When it says on the programme “Aula am Campus”, this means the address of Areal des Alten Wiener AKH / Hof 1. This is the biggest courtyard of which the Aula is part of. You can find it in the “right upper corner” of Hof 1, room number 1.11 . Follow thisContinue reading “Finding your way around the Vienna campus and accomodation”

Bring books for the book booth

A presenter asked if we could do a book booth where participants can bring books they just published and sell them. We thought this was a nice idea and thus, invite you to bring publications you want to sell (or other ad material you wish to give away). Feel free to bring books and adContinue reading “Bring books for the book booth”

Information for Poster Presenters

The Poster Sessions The poster presentations will be held in two sessions, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Umberto Veronesi will do his presentation on Friday after lunch at Oberstockstall since it directly adresses Oberstockstall objects and fits best with Sigrid von Osten’s talk on the archaeology of Oberstockstall. The sessions will be heldContinue reading “Information for Poster Presenters”

Contribution towards expenses for non-presenters

We kindly ask our non-presenters for a contribution towards our expenses (such as renting the bus and the buffets). If you want to participate in all three days, a reduced rate of 30€ is available for all three days. Otherwise the contribution towards expenses is 10€ per day on Wednesday and Thursday and 20€ forContinue reading “Contribution towards expenses for non-presenters”

Current News on the Oberstockstall Visit

The visit to the archaeological site of Oberstockstall will take place on Friday, 21. 2. 2020 at Kirchberg am Wagram and Gut Oberstockstall (Familie Salomon). Programme We will start our bus journey from Vienna at 9:00­ and expect the trip to take until 19:00 (arrival back in Vienna). The morning will be spent visiting theContinue reading “Current News on the Oberstockstall Visit”