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Finding your way around the Vienna campus and accomodation

Aula am Campus

When it says on the programme “Aula am Campus”, this means the address of Areal des Alten Wiener AKH / Hof 1. This is the biggest courtyard of which the Aula is part of. You can find it in the “right upper corner” of Hof 1, room number 1.11 .

Follow this link or this one to get an overview.

Don’t hestitate to contact us if you have questions about where to find certain locations.

Institut für Klassische Philologie an der Universität Wien

This map shows the itinerary between Aula am Campus and Institut für Klassische Philologie der Universität Wien.

The exact location is: Courtyard 4, staircase 6, near lecture hall 21.

Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM)


Our Oberstockstall visit will take place at the following locations (learn more about the visit here).


Some participants have booked a room in Deutschordenshaus.

There are many hotels and Pensionen in the area of the Campus, mostly around 300€ for the 4 nights of February 18th – 22th.

There is a relatively cheap ‘Ibis Budget St. Marx’ close to the Vienna Gasometer which is on the outskirts but comfortable to access via U-Bahn.


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