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Information for Poster Presenters

The Poster Sessions

The poster presentations will be held in two sessions, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Umberto Veronesi will do his presentation on Friday after lunch at Oberstockstall since it directly adresses Oberstockstall objects and fits best with Sigrid von Osten’s talk on the archaeology of Oberstockstall.

The sessions will be held before coffee breaks, as to give everyone the possibility to continue any discussions which arise over the break in a relaxed atmosphere.

The time limit for the oral presentation in front of the plenum is 5 minutes which we will have to be quite strict about enforcing, as to stick to the schedule. Please be concise and feel free to use this presentation as a teaser for all those who want to continue discussing with you during the breaks.

We’ll bring a visual timer to help you keep track of how much time you have left.

The posters will also be present in the room at most times during the conference, so additional possibilities for discussion are available.

Formal requirements

We ask our poster presenters to choose the size of A2 for their posters. Please save them as PDFs with the fonts embedded and send them to us in the week before the conference. This is a “security measure” so that we have your posters in case something goes wrong, we can print them out again. Also, it will help us know early if there are problems with the PDF, such as missing fonts.

Also, we have had the great suggestion by a presenter that presenters could print out a few copies of their posters in A4 or else as folders, so people can take them home as handouts. That way, we can also go on with discussion during the bus ride on Friday, if you wish to do so. We warmly invite you to do this.

The digital afterlife of your posters

In order to provide your posters with a digital afterlife, we have set up a github repository where the PDFs can be archived. If you want us to add your poster, please write us an email with the explicit permission to share you work. Also, think about adding a Creative Commons license and a suggestion for how to cite the poster (“Zitiervorschlag”) onto the posters themselves, so that their digital reuse will be easily possible.

The Creative Commons website will help you choose the correct license for your work and also provides the graphics to go with it, which you can directly add to your poster.

If you agree to having your poster hosted on the Github repository, please also consider allowing us to share it before the conference already, so people can access it on their mobile devices instead of using handouts – if you or they prefer this option.


First of all, due to limited funding, we sadly cannot offer to pay for printing the posters, so you are expected to bring your poster already printed out in A2.

The following copyshops are close by, in case you want to print anything shortly before the conference. However, please take into account that it might not be possible to do all types of printing spontaneously without previous appointment.

If you don’t want to bring a bulky poster on your travels, consider submitting an online printing order at a Vienna printing house from home, so that you only need to pick it up upon your arrival in Vienna.

We also offer to submit a bulk order if enough people are interested. The deadline for sending your poster in the correct data format (sized A2, fonts embedded, etc) is Monday, the week before the conference: that’s February 10th, if you want to make use of this offer. We still have to ask you to cover the printing costs yourselves, however, we might get a better price with a bulk order and we could also pick up the posters from the printer’s.


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