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Bring books for the book booth

A presenter asked if we could do a book booth where participants can bring books they just published and sell them. We thought this was a nice idea and thus, invite you to bring publications you want to sell (or other ad material you wish to give away).

Feel free to bring books and ad material relevant to the subject of the conference. However, please don’t bring huge masses of material since our room capacities are limited. Also, if there are ‘leftovers’, we ask you to not just leave them but either take them back home with you or give them to somebody who wants them.

There will be a table which can be used as this “book booth”, however, it will be unattended, so if you want to sell your books, please be prepared to take care of this yourself during the breaks.

For our planning, it would be nice to let us know in advance whether you are planning on bringing books or ad material, and in which quantity.


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